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    SQL DB export - How to prevent duplication of records

    Grant _

      I am using Datapump 8.5 and Monarch 8.02A and I have processes that monitor folder for dropped files and then run an extraction and then send the output to a SQL table.  I am wondering what the best method would be to prevent duplicate SQL records in the event someone dropped that same report file twice?


      The format of the data exported is:

      DIVCODE  - The code for the property uploading the file

      AUDITDATE - The date of the data on the report

      PMSGL - The general legder code

      PMSGLDESC - The GL Description

      TRANSAMT- The transaction amount


      I have thought of making some the fields key fields (in the SQL database I am using an autoincremented ID field) in Datapump export and using Update and Add options,  but the process is a multiproject process and most of the fields with the exception of transamt could repeat in any given recordset created by the projects.


      I need to ensure data integrity, and I am wondering if I may have to rigth a SQL / VB script to handle the database insert.

      greatly appreciated.



      Any help would be appreciated....