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    Duplicate lines of data

    Randybow _

      First of all I would like to thank Nigel and Grant for helping a new user out.   Once I followed your instructions, it worked fine.    


      Which leads to another question.   Since I have several lines of comments under a row of data,  the rows of data repeat in the table for every line of comments.   Is there a way to only get them to appear on the row with the first comment and then only the additional comments appear in the comments column?


      Thank you in advance for your help.

        • Duplicate lines of data
          Grant Perkins



          If your model has the multiple columns line as the DETAIL template and the Comments Template set up as an APPEND template then you should get what you want. From what you wrote I am wondering it you have those the other way around.


          Your Comments field in its[/i] Template needs to be a multi-row field definition so that it will continue for as many rows as there are for each comment AND it needs to have a way to identify when it should START such that if no comments exist then the field is not populated. Both the start and the end attributes of the field can be set up using its Advanced Properties.


          The first thing to do is check which template is set to DETAIL and which to APPEND as mentioned above. (I have assumed you have both templates using the exact same trap.)