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    Getting two different reports with the same structure in a single big report

    henryiriawan _

      Hello all,


      I am new to this forum, so I just want to say "hi" to all of you. Currently, I am using Monarch Pro version 9.1.


      The situation is I got one big report which has sub reports on it. Let say, A report and B report in a one big report. A report would have exactly the same structure as B report. However, I would want to save only for A report. The report has their own different heading's name.


      My question is could I get only the A report without including the B report on my Monarch? Because when I tried to make a model, it would take A report and B report directly. Also, I tried to make the other fields for B report dissapear. However, if I met the "numeric" field, it would just generate "0" on their fields, so it would be shown like below:


      A report


      Field 1          Field 2

      ABC             $1,234.00

      CDE             $567.00



      B Report


      Field 1          Field 2




      Could I make all of the rows on B report dissapear? Is there a trick or method on how to do this?


      Thank you for all the comments.