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    jkl123 _

      I am trying to filter data in column (1) = a specific number and data in column (2) = a specific number, if so, do not show data


      I’ve worked with compound filters and I am able to exclude data from column (1), but doing this will always exclude the specific data in column (1) ,but I only what to exclude this if data in column (2) is a specific number. Any suggestions ?  Thanks.

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          Data Kruncher

          Hello and welcome.


          You can approach this in one of two possible ways.


          You could build a single filter, like:

          .Not.(Field1=500 .And. Field2=100)[/code]


          Or build two filters, ExcludeField1:



          and ExcludeField2




          Then tie them together with a compound filter:

          [ExcludeField1] AND [/code]