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    Paste to Excel from Monarch V7 Pro

    bmcguirt _

      In the past I was able to copy my data from the TABLE in Monarch and paste it directly into Excel.  I am now running Excel 2007, but I tried Excel 2003 and I get same results.  So, I have Monarch Pro v.7.0, I'm at the table and I copy some 16 Columns (I grab it all)  and I go to my Excel 2007 worksheet and paste it in.  Everything goes into Column "A".  All 16 columns from the monarch table.   FYI: Things I have tired.  I tried the Paste Special feature and it's two choice components.  No change.   I tried the JET 4 update, but system came back with mine was newer. No Change.  Now if I use "EXPORT" or "PROJECT EXPORT" from Monarch it works perfectly.  All data fields are in the proper columns.  Thanks in advance!