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    nelson3283 _

      I have a report that contains contact information for several entities.  The problem is that the number of lines varies for each entity.  Some have up to 6 lines.


      I am very inexperienced with Monarch.  Can someone point me in the right direction on how to trap something like this? 



      vendor 1                                         data                       data           

      14xxx N. xxx Mabry                                                        data

      Tampa, FL 33618         



      vendor 2                                         data                        data  

      xxxx Virginia Beach Blvd #                                                data

      Virginia Beach, VA 23452       



        • model help
          Grant Perkins



          For reference, which version of Monarch do you have?


          Do you have access to the Training Guide in printed or electronic form? I ask as it is very comprehensive and is a great thing to work through as a primer for activities even if, subsequently, you could benefit from further input.


          Also the included help should be useful, again as a primer even if you don't get to a 100% solution for you particular data fomat.


          Have a look for the sections on Multi-Row (Or multi-line) fields and, since the data sample seems to relate to addresses, the Address Block feature.


          If you have read those and tried to work a few examples as a starting point any advice we can offer should make more sense.


          Of course if you have already done the above let us know and tell us what you are seeing that does not work for you and we can then focus on the specific issues  rather than wade through all the general stuff.