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    Grant _

      I have a PDF file that I need to extract dta from. The detail selection is easy, as it is formatted well, but there are several other "detail" records I need that are in a completely different format on the report.  I could easilty capture them ad append templates but that is not necessarily the relation ship of the data, they are essentially records of the same type as the detail, just happen to be embedded in the report differently.  I am wondering if there is any way to do this without having to run a separate model against the sheet for each additional line detail record.


      Here is the layout of the file...

                              9100                       Visa                                                                                - 9,429.70     

                              9105                       Mastercard                                                                                - 3,460.22     

                              9110                       American Express                                                                                - 6,868.68     

                              9130                       POS - Visa                                                                                - 1,167.59     

                              9135                       POS - Mastercard                                                                                - 453.93     

                              9161                       Direct Bill / City Ledger                                                                                - 257.03                                                                               

      Payment Total                                                                                - 68,827.11                                                                               

      Transaction Total Today                                                                                - 29,239.66                                                                               

      Grand Total                                                                                80,748.22     

                              AR Ledger Payments                                                                                46,372.09     

                              Deposit Ledger Activity                                                                                0.00                                                                               

      Balance Carried Forward                                                                                127,120.31     

                              Accruals Today                                                                                0.00                                                                               

      Guest Ledger Balance                                                                                127,120.31                                                                               

      Guest Ledger                                                                               

      Balance Yesterday                                                                                109,987.88     

                              Charges                                                                                39,587.45     

                              Payments                                                                                - 22,455.02     

                              Deposits Transfered at Check-In                                                                                0.00                                                                               

      Balance Today                                                                                127,120.31                                                                               

      AR Ledger                                                                               

      Balance Yesterday                                                                                375,170.00     

                              Charges and Transfers                                                                                257.03     

                              Payments                                                                                - 46,372.09                                                                               

      Balance Today                                                                                329,054.94




      I can easily capture the records in the first rows with the gl codes listed, but I want to catch the AR Ledger payments amounts, and Guest Ledger amounts, etc, as detail records.


      Any help would be appreciated.



      I have every version of Monarch and Datapump since 6, so my solution shouldn't be limited....

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          Grant Perkins



          At the risk of this thread becoming very confusing for a number of reasons ...


          The PDF source may complicate things at some point but in essence you might consider trapping all financial value lines based around the decimal point, then filter in only the lines you want (Individual filters grouped into a compaund filter might be the easiest and most maintainable thing for that).


          If the fields don't map out nicely grab them in large chunks of character strings - even entire lines as a single field - and slice and dice them afterwards using calculated fields.


          That's an outline plan - does it offer you anything understandable?


          Grant Perkins

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              Olly Bond

              Hi Grant,


              Glad to hear you've invested in the right technology to solve the problem


              My guess is you want a table with each row containing the following fields?


              9100 Visa

              9105 Mastercard

              9110 American Express

              9130 POS - Visa

              9135 POS - Mastercard

              9161 Direct Bill / City Ledger

              Deposit Ledger Activity

              Accruals Today


              Payments GL

              Deposits Transfered at Check-In

              Charges and Transfers

              Payments AR


              Or do you want each row to contain two fields, e.g.: Label, Value?


              Do all the fields always appear for each record?


              Best wishes,



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              Grant _

              I created 5 separate processes to grab the data, and ran them inside MDP.  WOrks great.  Thanks.