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    Exporting Report File


      Does anyone know a way to email an attachment of the actual report file along with any exports created in Monarch.  This is my scenerio:


      A file is created in an  HP3000[/b]  environment with is then FTP'd to the server.  This file is an input file to another sytem.  But I need to take this file and create summary reports in Excel, and need to send this report file as well via email.


      Any suggestions?

        • Exporting Report File
          Darren _



          Did you try looking into Portable Reports (.prf's)? They can be used to distribute report files along with a layer of information describing the data structure of reports. I hope I understand you correctly here, but if you are looking to email that actual report files, then creating a .prf would be the way to go for me anyways. You also have options here in the .prf creation to include the model, tree, and database, along with compression factors.

          • Exporting Report File

            Thanks Darren for you input.


            Actually, I needed to email the actual input file (typically a report) because it was really an input file to another system.  It needed to be in a txt format.  Since my last posting, I contacted tech support and explain that I can use the Input Distribution option located on the INPUT tab when in xprj editor.  This did exactly what I needed.


            Thanks again.