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    FYI - Resolution to issue with DP 7 install

    Lanette _

      I wanted to post this in case anyone else has issues installing DataPump v7.0.  I recently received DP 7 and attempted to install it on a machine with DP 6 and Monarch Pro v7.01.  I got an error message on the install telling me that Monarch Pro v7.01+ is required.  I tried uninstalling everything, reinstalling Monarch Pro, then installing DP 7, but with the same results. 


      When I contacted tech support, I was told that DP7, for some reason, cannot find manually updated Monarch V7.01.


      There is a switch to add to running the setup.exe that will bypass the check for Monarch. I was able to successfully install running the following DOS command line with the switch included:


      D:DataPumpsetup.exe -InstallOnStandard[/b] 


      Hope this helps.  I did not find this posted in the KB anywhere, so I apologize if this is duplicate information.