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    Access Export Xprj Error

    Greg_Goodman _

      Continuing work on a MDP6 to MDP7 conversion...have a series of xprjs inside

      a Process that either write over an existing MS Access table or append data to a table. Was verifying 2 of the ones that append; the 1st one

      worked fine when I edited the Export.


      The second one, after 'adding data' to MDB screen, once the Table name and 'append' to

      were set and next/ok/finish clicked, the Export Wizard fails (all objects do exist) and the following error dialog appears:





      Error running Export Wizard: Object reference not set to an instance of an object



      Clicking 'OK' (only option) leaves the dialog box up and hung but can be terminated w/ Task Manager.


      I exited MDP7, tried again w/ same result.