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    Scrape Multiple Reports Same Model

    Matixsnow _

      I am trying to find a means of scraping a folder of multiple .txt files and export them into Excel using the same Model.  Any suggestions?




        • Scrape Multiple Reports Same Model

          As long as they are the same report format and one model will work, you should be able to add them as mulitple inputs, or use wildcards in the input filename.  Or, you could have a pre-processing script on the process level to concatenante all of the files to a single file as your input.

          • Scrape Multiple Reports Same Model
            fino _

            Hi joey,

            I am using Mon V9, how can I "use wildcards in the input filename. " I don't see this functionality availabel on input?



            • Scrape Multiple Reports Same Model

              From the Data Pump help file under Input Tab:


              "Edit - Click to edit the selected text file path. You might, for example, use an asterisk () to specify that you want the project to utilize any input files of a particular file type in the specified input folder by replacing C:InputReport1.pdf with C:Input.pdf."


              The asterisk is a wild card for any number of characters, and the question mark is a one character wildcard.