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    Monitored File:  Can’t Open File Error.

    swayne _

      I’m getting an error on a monitored file.  Sometimes but not always the process will fail with an error of “Can’t Open File”.  When this happens it seems to uncheck the enable monitoring check box in the process and nothing ever runs following this error.  I’m not sure what the problem is but to fix it I only need to check the enable monitoring box again and it works.  Any thoughts on what is going on here?


      Here is the error log:


      <joblog process="Project" jobID="1244" monitored="true">


          <event time="2007-06-19T08:30:43">Created.</event>

          <event time="2007-06-19T08:30:43">Process launched 1 job(s).</event>

          <event time="2007-06-19T08:30:43">Dispatched.</event>

          <event time="2007-06-19T08:30:44">1. Can't Open File: C:Files 6190701.txt.</event>

          <event time="2007-06-19T08:30:44">Set project file:   C:Program FilesMonarch Data PumpProjectsproject.xprj</event>

          <event time="2007-06-19T08:30:44" alert="SystemAlertJobFailed">Failed: DwchServer.ExporterFailureException: Exporter method RunAllExports returned false.

         at DwchServer.JobHandler.a(MpExportClass A_0, ServerDB A_1, JobLog A_2, Int32 A_3)

         at DwchServer.JobHandler.a(ServerDB A_0)</event>

          <event time="2007-06-19T08:30:44" source="distributor">Distribution started</event>

          <event time="2007-06-19T08:30:44" source="distributor" value="complete">Distribution completed</event>

          <event time="2007-06-19T08:30:44">In PostProcess</event>

          <event time="2007-06-19T08:31:21" source="distributor">Distribution started</event>

          <event time="2007-06-19T08:31:21" source="distributor" value="complete">Distribution completed</event>


        <distribution />

        <project id="1" completed="false">

          <xprj>C:Program FilesMonarch Data PumpProjectsproject.xprj</xprj>


            <item type="report" exists="true">

              <location>C:Files 6190701.txt</location>



          <outputs />



        • Monitored File:  Can’t Open File Error.
          Dee Moore

          Hi swayne,


          There could be a couple reasons why this could happen, but first, your Profile indicates you are using DP 8.


          You should be at DP 8.5. If you purchased Maintanence this should have been shipped to you.


          Dee Moore

          Datawatch Tech Support

          • Monitored File:  Can’t Open File Error.
            swayne _

            I'm using version

            • Monitored File:  Can’t Open File Error.
              Dee Moore



              Sorry I was not able to get back to you sooner...


              Many times this will happen due to the size of the Input file. If it is a large file and takes a long time to write to the directory being monitored, over the Network (or there is an interruption in the Network), the Process may try to kick off before the file transfer has been completed.


              This would explain why when you reset the Monitor Setting, the file has had time transfer completely, no errors are generated, and the Process runs.


              (I have no explanation for your Monitor Setting

              resets. I have not been able to recreate this myself.)


              If this is the case, it may be better to schedule the Process rather than monitor it.


              If this is not the case, please let me know.




              Dee Moore

              Datawatch Tech Support