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    Adobe File Distribution

    Gus Tsambourlianos


      We purchased the Datapump in the fall of 2006, and are looking to use it for the following purpose:


      We have a job that generates a single PDF report with hundred of pages of entries.  Each page is a report on a single employee #.

      We are trying to leverage the datapump so that it splices the adobe file and delivers only the employee #'s identified by a Plant # to an identified user.  We do not want to export it into excel, simply extract the page exactly as it appears.


      Any thoughts on if this is viable using the datapump?

        • Adobe File Distribution

          As far as I know, you will need a separate filter for each employee number. 


          Data Pump is great at performing multiple exports, one for each filter, but it does not have a feature to do mulitple exports based on a key field changing. 


          Please let me know if you find a way to do thi. We could use Data Pump for similar purposes.