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    Monarch Data Pump Beta Program

    Gareth Horton

      Hi all


      If there are any Data Pump users out there who would be interested in participating in the beta program, I would like to hear from you.


      Places are unfortunately limited, so not all applications will be successful.


      If you would like to participate, send a mail to gareth_horton@datawatch.com[/email] with the subject MDP Beta Program, with the following information:


      •     Your Full Name

      •     Your Datawatch Forum Login name

      •     Job Title

      •     Company Name

      •     E-Mail Address (if different from the address for your Datawatch forum account)

      •     Company Address

      •     Telephone Number

      •       Fax Number

      •       Version of Data Pump

      •     Years Using Data Pump

      •     Usage Frequency (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly)

      •     Usage Overview (A short description of what you do with Data Pump and what Data Pump does for you.)


      If your application is successful, you will be contacted regarding the next steps.


      Thanks in advance.