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    DataPump output missing a column

      I have a TAB delimited text file that I have successfully converted to an Excel spreadsheet using Monarch 8.01. However, when I set up a Datapump 7.01 process the Excel spreadsheet does not contain any data in the second column. I have verified that I am using the same input file, Model, etc.


      Why would the Datapump not pick up the data in the second position when Monarch does.


      Any help would be appreciated.

        • DataPump output missing a column
          Dee Moore

          Hi Jack,


          You mentioned DP V7 and Mon V8....


          Is DP V7 processing the files using Mon V7? The versions should match on the Server.


          If the Model was built in Mon V8, and processing via DP V7 and Mon V7, are you sure none of the new functionality in Mon V8 was used? This would include any new functions.


          Are you using the same Export File Type?


          If you like, please give me a call: 978-441-2200 (ask for Dee)



          Dee Moore

          Datawatch Tech Support