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    Updating from Datapump 7.1 to 8.0

    tomkrier _

      First off, how do you do it?  We contacted Datawatch twice to verify that it was a straight update but when we run the CD on the server it says that it is not compatible with the previous version datapump.

      Do we need to uninstall v7.1?

      If so will all the processes and schedules stick around?

      How do we update?

        • Updating from Datapump 7.1 to 8.0
          tomkrier _

          Thanks for the help.  On a side note it seems like a lot of stuff works a lot better now.  I had set up some distribution emails when errors would occur and for some reason they didn't work with MDP v7.1, but now they do is v8.  v8 remote admin's project editor now works.  It seems like it will be a solid system.  Thanks datwatch!