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    Jobs not being created

    pkunta _

      I am trying to install Monarch Datapump 8.5. I converted all my old mods and dpfs from Monarch Datapump Personal Edition 5.03.


      I created a process and I m trying to run it but that does not generate a job file. Suspecting that something must have messed up in the installation, I uninstalled and reinstalled MDP but job creation fails.


      Any insights are greatly appreciated.

        • Jobs not being created
          Dee Moore

          Hi pkunta,


          When Jobs are not being created, this usually due to the MDP Service not running.


          Through the AdministratorServer Status, make sure everything is running properly. If not you can Start both the Pump and the Service from here.


          Additionally, make sure the User Name that the MDP Service is logging in as has Admin or Domain permissions.



          Dee Moore

          Datawatch Tech Support