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    Dispatch Issue

    FGB _

      I have a problem with Monarch Data Pump.

      I have started a process. When checking in the Job log it says "Job ready to be dispatched" and then does not proceed. The jobs generally finishes in few minutes. I checked in 10 minutes and it still says shows the same message.


      I'm using Monarch Data Pump 8

        • Dispatch Issue
          Dee Moore



          How did you start the Process? Manually? Via the Scheduler? Monitoring a Directory?


          Are other Processes running at the same time?


          Have you checked the Job Log?


          Do you have a Pre-Process event assigned to the Process?


          Have you processed the files manually to get an idea of how long they take, and to see if any errors are being thrown?


          Are you working across the Network, or do all the files reside on the local Server?


          Please send an email to dee_moore@datawatch.com[/email] or call me at 978-275-8293, and I'll be more than happy to help you out.


          Dee Moore

          Datawatch Tech Support