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    MDP8.5 File Monitor

    John Rutledge

      I'm experiencing problems with the file monitor executing the job before the entire source file is copied to the folder (resulting in a partial extract of data).  I've written a file rename script as a preprocess that causes too many errors resulting in the file monitor being disabled automatically. 


      Has anyone found a way to use the file monitor with large files that take time to copy from the source to the local directory MDP is monitoring?

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          Chickenman _

          Yes, I've experienced the same issues with large files and simply employed a (very ugly) workaround by establishing a dummy precursor project to chug away for a while so that when it finishes and the desired project kicks in all the data has loaded and it finishes properly.

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            Varouj _

            Same here.  I plan to modify the code that copies the source file to copy a small dummy file in the same directory.  I will use the dummy file to trigger the job.   Unless there is an easier way.