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    MS Sql Desktop Engine Error

    andrek _



      i´m trying to install MDP V7 in a Win XP SP2 System.

      Generally: where can i find a detailed installation instruction?

      Now my way:

      XP SP2, Updates and Fixes installed

      latest java installed

      .Net Framework installed + Update

      MS O XP Webcomponents installed

      Monarch Pro installed

      Update 7.02 installed

      tryed to install Datapump:

      1. Error "MP 7.01+ is required", i think its an popular problem. Solution: Run: Datapumpsetup.exe -InstallOnStandard

      2. Error MS SQL Server Desktop Engine: "Setup failed to configure the Server. Refer to the server error log and setup error logs for more information"


      Where can i find these error logs? Anybody know this Problem. May i have forgot something to install. Whats wrong?


      thanks for help, André.


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