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    Datapump V8 SetRuntimeParameter()

    Bill Watson



      I have a monarch model/project which does calculates maturity banding for loans based on a start date entered using a runtime parameter field in the format "DD/MM/YY". When I try and run this on Datapump V8 I get no output (See Log):


      [font="courier"]<project id="3" completed="true">


            - <inputs>

               - <item type="report" exists="true">




          <outputs />

      </project>[/font][/quote]Is there any way of using the SetRuntimeParameter() function from within the PreExport scripting to set the value of this parameter or am I missing an easy answer here?

        • Datapump V8 SetRuntimeParameter()
          Bill Watson

          Originally posted by Ken Indorato:



          In Datapump 8.5 you can set runtime parameters in the Script editor as a PreProcess or a PreExport.


          Ken /b[/quote]Thanks for the info. I was sure I had seen that option somewhere but it must have been at a seminar. I am currently awaiting my copy of Datapump 8.5 so I think I can work around it until then.