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    Task Scheduler

      I am running MDP 7.01 Build 7030. I need to monitor a folder and process files when they appear. There can be several files added in a short period of time or it can go for several hours without any files being added. I am simply e-mailing the input files when they arrive.


      I have two questions.


      1. I have set the job to run Daily at 7:00am. In the Advanced tab I set it to repeat every 10 minutes for 12 hours (it does not need to run at night). Is this the best way to schedule the job to check for files to process every 10 minutes?


      2. If the scheduled job starts while a large file is being written to the folder will MDP wait until the file has been completely copied or will it process the partial file since a file name exists?


      Any help on these two questions would be greatly appreciated.