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    MDP 6.0 Getting Export Errors

    brehay _

      I have just installed MDP 6 on a xp machine.  I copied the files from my old 2000 machine.  Now I am getting errors when I try and run a DPF.  Error Exporting Jet Table:  Fields in table do not match fields in export data set.  This DPF was working fine on the old machine.  I haven't changed anything on the table.  If I open Monarch and then open the model, everything runs fine.  Why would the DPF mess up? I have tried creating new DPF's and still get this problem. Help please! ! !

        • MDP 6.0 Getting Export Errors
          Thomas Harlan

          I'm getting a similar error ("Jet Export Failed") when trying to write from DP 5.0.3 (via the Jet 4 driver) to an Access97 MDB on a Windows2000 server. I believe that the PC with DataPump has all of the latest MS pacthes...


          Tried installing Jet 4.0 SP8 for Win2000, but no joy.