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    Datapump 5.0.3 Scheduler stopped working... last year.

    Thomas Harlan

      Well, isn't this special...


      Finance came in today and said "these Monarch jobs that are supposed to run every night aren't running." I check the Process Scheduler in their copy of 5.0.3 and - they haven't run since last July.


      DP 5.0.3 is installed on a Win2000 workstation, and all of the paths were bad (a server moved, and the drive letters changed). I fixed all of those references that I could find, but now it seems that the jobs Verify, and I can Process them... but no data is being added to the Access tables they are supposed to write into.




      /size[list][]Are job logs generated somewhere when a process executes?[/size][]Will 5.0.3 work with writing to a Win2003 server folder? And living in a Win2000+ environment.[/size][*]Have recent Windows2000 patches broken 5.0.3?[/size][/list]