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    Email Importance


      When Data Pump sends emails, Outlook interprets them as one of high importance.   This is a minor issue because several executives place a relatively low priority on the reports that are delivered with Data Pump. 


      We have established some rules in Outlook to set the importance of emails to normal if they are from Data Pump. 


      Perhaps it could be an enhancement idea to be able to set the imporance of individual emails sent?  Most of our reports that we use Data Pump for are low priority, but some are an urgent priority.

        • Email Importance
          Tom Strachan

          Did you find a way to resolve this from the MDP side? 


          I talked to support and they indicated that MS Exchange is treating the messages as "important".


          While we can set rules on the Outlook clients, this is like herding cats - almost impossible to keep up with staff changes.


          I believe that we need to have a change in the message header that comes from MDP, I can't believe it's an SMTP setting on the MDP server, nor should it be Exchange "adding the importance" to incoming emails.


          Any thoughts?