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    Script to Add data

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      I have a project that has roughly 25 summaries. The summaries are all similiar... just pulling data based on department name.  I need to export each summary as a text file... to later be COLD processed in to our Document Management System... The problem I am having is that I need each file to Have a header with the Name of the Report, Department, and Today's Date (or Date the process runs). I set up a header on the page setup of the summary, but it does not seem to get exported with the rest of the summary. First, is it possible to do this without scripting?  Second, if not can someone give me an example of a script that would do this.



        • Script to Add data

          My approach would be to create two models, one for the header, and the other for the rest of the report.  Then create a one line batch script to concatenate the report to the header.  Of course since there are 25 summaries needed for the header model, this will be a bit repetitive.  I think you can have the batch script process 25 files, but I don't remember how off the top of my head.