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    Re: Reverting to DataPump v6 DPFs

    Ontiveros _

      I updated the server with Datapump and Monarch (both v7), turned off the service for DP v7 and turned back on the service for v6. I didn't convert any processes to v7 at all. I then re-enabeled all processes for v6 because i needed to disable them for the upgrade. The result this morning was that NO PROCESSES RAN AS THEY SHOULD HAVE. Does anybody have any idea as to why?


      Also, when I go to the process to run it manually, everything seems to be fine, it says that the task began and finished.


      When I verify the settings, I get the errors -

      SetReportFile - Failed

      SetModelFile - Failed

      DestinationFilelsValid - Success

      JetFileExtensionIsValid - Success