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    Monarch Data Pump v7.01

    Darren _



      In a previous post you had mentioned a new release on MDP - MDP v7.01. Can you tell us when the release is scheduled for and what new functionality it will have and/or what problems it addresses from the current 7.0 version?

        • Monarch Data Pump v7.01
          Gareth Horton



          The release of 7.01 is imminent.  All bug fixes and enhancements for 7.01 are complete and we are just completing our final QA procedures.


          There is a risk that we catch another bug either from a user or from our own QA in this cycle, but barring that it will be available next week.


          Here are the release notes as they stand at the moment:




          ·     Now supports IBM DB2 OLE DB Provider (V 8.2)

          ·     There are now three options for entering how long a process should be retried:

          Maximum Number of Retries, Maximum Retry Duration and Retry Indefinitely.

          ·     OLE DB exporting now supports more numeric types, Long Integer, Currency, and flavours of fixed point decimal.

          ·     OLE DB exporting now supports the time portion of date/time values, if they can be stored in the target database column type.

          ·     Improved support for the Oracle OLE DB Provider.  Number columns are now supported properly, and written as the default type, rather than as Float.

          ·     It is now possible to change the extension of a file in a distribution, to rename files to .BAK, .SAV etc.  Note that this has no effect on the internal format of the file.

          ·     Substantially improved Excel formatting performance when using summary coloring and formatting on large worksheets

          ·     Adds help for all message boxes that are displayed due to errors.

          ·     Fixed a problem on the mapping page of the Export Wizard where it would show the message “No mapping has been defined.” in situations where the correct message would be “Both fields must be of the same type.” When the latter message appears it is now followed with a qualifying message “The following columns do not match:” which then lists the offending columns.

          ·     Introduced .NET API, in addition to existing Web Service



          Bug Fixes


          ·     Conversion now mimics the MDP6 behavior for user-defined-format filenames by replacing spaces with underscores in the filename specification.

          ·     Conversion now converts the MDP6 macros in the MDP6 move and rename user-defined format filename to MDP7 macros.

          ·     In the conversion program, table names are now ignored for DB and DBF formats even though MDP6 allows table names to be entered.

          ·     Database inputs in prj files were not being properly converted by the conversion utility

          ·     When using the conversion utility, if email info appears in a dpf and/or an MDP6 task, we now add a distribution for whatever’s being exported whether an export or a prf. We also set the include attachment check box on the distribution.

          ·     There is now a check to ensure that the retry interval is less than 24:00 (and greater than 00:00).

          ·     Fixes a Microsoft bug under Windows 2000 where an xprj selected via the open file dialog may not exist even though the must exist flag is checked. The snap-in does a separate check and displays a message box if the xprj does not exist.

          ·     Adds a check to make sure that when there’s a PRF output in the xprj, the input is text and not database.

          ·     Trims the prerequisite file spec or the command line so that spaces only will not count as a valid prerequisite.

          ·     Fixed bug where an error would occur when changing a model in the XPRJEditor

          ·     Filters and sorts are now listed alphabetically in the Export wizard

          ·     Fixed a bug where Excel summary coloring would fail if the table name was created with a macro

          ·     Fixed a cosmetic bug where ftp distributions would show a backslash

          ·     DBF and DB can now be used successfully as inputs

          ·     Fixed a bug when exporting to Access under a certain set of conditions, the following error could appear 3. Jet database internal error: (3162) You tried to assign the Null value to a variable that is not a Variant data type.

          ·     Fixed a bug where the Export wizard would freeze with the error “Object reference not set to an instance of an object” when editing an export to Access under a certain set of conditions

          ·     When saving a portable report, there is now a “Portable  Report Files (prf)” entry

          ·     Now possible to edit XPRJ files (that are accessible via UNC) using the Remote Administrator

          ·     Now possible to create a new XPRJ file from the New menu in Windows Explorer in the Remote Administrator

          ·     Relaxed the restriction on exporting to read-only folders such as My Documents.  It appears this best practice is no longer honored by any applications.

          ·     Numerous OLE DB bug fixes

          ·     Now uses a DELETE when replacing a table, rather than dropping and recreating the table, when performing an OLE DB export to a relational database.

          ·     Properly detects Monarch 7.01 when installed as a patch to 7.00.

          ·     Properly counts Hyperthreading CPUs as a single CPU for licensing.






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          In a previous post you had mentioned a new release on MDP - MDP v7.01. Can you tell us when the release is scheduled for and what new functionality it will have and/or what problems it addresses from the current 7.0 version? /b[/quote]