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    Data Pump 7.0 - xprjEditor - Conditional Processing

    Viv _

      I have a group of projects - I only want the data to be extracted from the source files if all of the source files in that group exist. I guessed that if I added all of the source files to the Input box (for each project) and specified that 'all files must exist', the process would only run if that condition is met. This seems to work but, it means adding source files to the project that are not relevant to it. In this case, the data can only be extracted from the appropriate source files for the project (even though the other ones are listed as well). I wondered if I was approaching this correctly or if I should be doing this differently ?


      If this is correct, I wasn't sure which setting was correct for 'Grouping of multiple files' ?


      Thanks , if you can help me with this ?