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    Moving an input file after Project runs

    Grant _

      I have recently upgraded from MDP6 to & and the product is amzing.  I am wondering what the easiest way to move and rename an import file is after a multi-export project runs on it.  there are no post=project input file handling dialogues in this version as there was in 6.


      Also can a process/project be triggered to run on the existance of the file in a directory (ie. HR copies a payroll file into a directory and the process executes automatically).



        • Moving an input file after Project runs
          Gareth Horton



          Todd is correct on using the input distribution to move and rename your file.


          It may be better to create a schedule that operates once per day, then configure the retries to retry until the next iteration of the schedule, or you will end up with a number of failed processes, as the retries expire every 5 minutes.


          In the next point release of Data Pump, there will be a "Retry Indefinitely" setting, so you can get much closer to a trigger type approach.


          There is no exact equivalent of the file trigger settings as in MDP6, as this methodology brings many problems with it, especially when getting files over slow connections such as WANs and FTP.  What can happen is that the trigger fires, but the file is not fully written.