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    Excel Worksheet

    jgould81 _

      I've been reading abvout some of the new options for command line in V8


      What I would like to know is if it is possible to export not just to an existing Excel file, but to the 2nd worksheet in the file?,


      I named the 2nd worksheet "tester" and used "/exptable:tester" at the end of my command line, and it replaced both the existing worksheets with one called "tester"


      Can someone tell me if this is possible and give me an example of the syntax?


      Much appreciated!!

        • Excel Worksheet
          LARRYG _

          The easiest way to export data to an individual worksheet is to name the data range and make sure there is nothing below the range. Save the workbook and define a Monarch project using the report and model with a project export. Make sure you specify in the project export that if file exists, add data, and if table exists overwrite data. Then use the following command line:

          Monarch /prj:"project file" /px:"job name"

          The switch for all exports in a project, is /pxall


          If you do not want to use projects, then you need to specify some or all of the following:

          /datasource:"name"="connection string"

          /table:"table name"


          /rpt:"report file"

          /prj:"project file"

          /mod:"model file"

          /exp:"export file"


          /exptable:"table name"


          /set:"field name"="field value"

          /R,S,T  (Report, Summary or Table window.)


          Hope this helps!


          Larry G