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    Ontiveros _

      I am about to upgrade from Data Pump v6 to v7 as well as from Monarch v6 to v7 on the same server. Is there anything I should know that would make the transition as smooth as possible?

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          Greg_Goodman _

          I can warn you of a couple things that I've come across.


          If you output to Excel, several characters that were allowable in MDP6 will not output in MDP7.

          "$", "&" and "." were 3 that while allowed in Tab names in Excel directly will not output.


          Any dpfs that are setup as appends may appear to convert w/o issue but should be checked. Generally, an edit of the converted XPRJ export

          via XPRJ editor should correct problems. In a couple cases though, I had to create new XPRJs in Monarch 7 to replace corrupt ones. The job logs on these corrput appends spin no 'Alert' either...they simply won't work. The conversion

          utility should be improved in a maintenace release.


          The conversion utility will append the name of the Scheduler Process in MDP6 to the name of the each DPF in that process if run in batch...running coverter on single DPFs it will not do this. You may want to change the MDP6 process names before you convert to shorten the

          new XPRJ name (so it might appear in the too small dialog boxes).


          Otherwise, the 7.0 converter worked great on the 650 or so DPFs I converted.


          The max hours setting on Process Retries is 23:59-

          24:00 will reset to 00:00 after you move from the

          'Advanced' tab of the Process Properities group.


          Other than getting use to the new interface and new functionality, conversion for me was pretty

          painless though it did take a number of days to

          feel comfortable that everything was working right