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    Capture All Detail Items

    Kristie R

      I am creating a model to slice a report up to allow for calculations.

      I have started at the bottom with the Detail and worked my way up to the header. For the most part I have caputred all the data I need. There is one section of the report that may have one line item or up to 100 line items that should be captured with my trap. When I am viewing the report view my items are highlighted. When I switch to Data View I only get the first item. I am assuming has to do with headers and duplicates not allowed. How do I get around this?


      Item 50.82 341.98- 341.87- Y

      Item 93.94 291.16- 291.16- Y

        • Capture All Detail Items
          Olly Bond

          Hello Kristie, and welcome,


          That sounds like the "missing detail" problem - although without a sample report and model I can't be certain.


          As long as it's no more than 100 lines you need, then there's an elegant easy fix in one model, in v12.


          Otherwise it's manageable, even in earlier versions or with bigger data, using two or three models.


          There's a free tool to anonymize your data at blog.greenbar.info - if you can use that and post the report here or email me I'd be happy to have a look.


          Best wishes,



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              Kristie R

              After a couple of emails with Olly I found I needed to change my final line to a footer, the area I needed to capture multiple lines of data to my detail template and the remaining append until I got to my header.


              In the email Olly commented " I've not found anything in 10 years that can't be modelled in Monarch" and I agree.


              My management has tried to take this tool away from me. Just last year I finally got upgraded from version 3 I think, to 11.