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    Monarch v8 Queries

    darrenay _

      I have just upgraded to Monarch 8 Pro, and have a couple of small queries that I wonder if anyone else has had problems with.


      1. When I cut and paste from Monarch into Excel I lose the formatting from Monarch, i.e. columns in Monarch that contain numbers but the columns are formatted as text, paste across to Excel as numbers.


      2. The file view every time I open, export or save a report, model or file reverts to detailed view.  I suspect like most people I have a detailed folder structure which I always view in list form - it just makes it quicker to navigate.


      Both of these are new issues since upgrading, and whilst they appear minor are significant enough to make me consider reverting back to v7.  :confused:

        • Monarch v8 Queries
          Grant Perkins



          The Clipboard functionality was changed for various reasons to to with improving Excel formatting on cut and paste (see the What's New section in the Help.)


          However you can specify that you wish to use the V7 methods by using the Options for Monarch V8.


          Options > Export and Clipboard Options > Clipboard should provide you with the control you need.


          Not sure about the default folder display question, it's not something I have ever been bothered about. But my guess is it picks up the default display format last set for the folder it is accessing (mine seems to) which may or may not be a new folder for V8 depending on how you set up your system post installation. You may need to set the preferred view using Explorer I guess.


          Hope this helps.