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    Detail template info to multi columns

    ffhuser _

      I have a set of data which has an account number at the top with three types of data at the bottom of each page. I created a model with a header template containing the account number and a detail template that contains the three data elements. However, in the table window, the account number appears on a row each time there is a different set of detail template data. Is there a way to force the data elements associated with each account number to fall into another set of columns on the same row? Like:


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          TPAUL _

          It sounds like you may not need to be using columns at all. From what you describe - it sounds something similar to a confirmation statement in my business where the report data would appear as below:


          Account # XYZ                                


                    Customer information .....

                    Trade Details.....

                    Security Details....

                    Trader details ........

                    Commission Details......


          Trade Date: AAA     Trader Code: BBB  Order#: CCC



          If you use a standard model for detail line; then append the header line --- you should get the following table:


          Account   Date  Trader   Orde

          XYZ       AAA   BBB      CCC





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            Nigel Winton

            Hi there

            Initially try deleting the page header template. If you have trapped the data area to show only each column of data then you should end up with a table you require. You can then name the columns of the table as you wish.

            Page headers will always show as additional columns to the left of your data columns.

            If the page header causes problems with your data trap by showing within your data fields, then you can trap the whole of the header in one and hide these columns in the table.

            If you need any more assistance come back and if you can give us a copy of the report to see that would help.





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              ffhuser _

              Guys, Thanks for responding...

              I need the header information only as a reference in the resultant table. I guess it does not have to be a header template, it is just what I chose first. I need it on the far left field and the three data fields to the right. Sometimes there are more than one set of three data fields. When this occurs, I would like them to fall to the right of the last set. I also tried to add an Append template and the result table is the same as when I used a header template. What data/how can I submit a sample of the data to this forum? Thanks again.

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                ffhuser _


                I need to export this data to an Excel spreadsheet with the header or account number on the left and the three fields of data to the right. If there is more than one set of data associated with the account, I need it to fall to the right of the preceding set. Sometimes, there are up to 12 different sets of data. Do you have any other suggestions? I am obviously a new user and may be looking at this in the wrong way. Thanks, FFHUSER

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                  Grant Perkins

                  Originally posted by ffhuser:

                    What data/how can I submit a sample of the data to this forum? Thanks again. /b[/quote]If the data are in a report format (electronic) already, which seems likely     then you can simply cut and paste a representative sample of lines into a post.


                  Usually the format results will be more consistent if you use the UBB CODE button




                  Posted report sample




                  to be found just below the Message text entry window.


                  Your problem seems to be that you have a 'block' of data in 3 fields (could be on one line or multiple lines) which is being picked up as a single record by the detail template. Quite normal so far, but each block is getting its own table entry whereas you seem to really need a method for picking all the 'blocks' between two headers, no matter how many, in order to create a single row/data record in the table.


                  That means that you really need to find a way to identify the different possible detail record lines or blocks into differently named fields - much as you have done in the required format you listed in the first post.


                  Now, there is a good chance that such can be achieved, though how to do it very much depends on what is available somewhere in the report 'text' to help you. Whether the resulting method is merely 'challenging' or outright 'bordering on the impossible' will depend on the structure.   :eek: 


                  I have to say that, like many before you, it seems you are having to dive straight into the deep end of Monarch functionality. Be prepared for a steep but rewarding learning curve. Above all don't panic and be prepared to experiment. It can't do any harm and is a great way of familiarising yourself with Monarch's wide potential.