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    Help us help you! (Enter your version of Monarch in your Profile)

    Data Kruncher

      Greetings all,


      In order to better provide solutions for you, a recommendation was made some time ago to include the version of the Monarch software you use in the signature of your profile. Since this is not obvious, especially to new members, we continue to ask for, or guess as to, this information when replying to your questions.


      To this end, a change has been made to your member profile: you can now specify the "Datawatch Software Used (with versions):".


      By populating this field in your profile I believe it will be much more likely that you'll receive solutions that will work for you.[/i]


      Thanks very much Gareth for making this change to the forums.


      Best regards,




      To get to your Profile, just click on My Profile near top of page, then click on View/Update Profile. - Mike Urbonas[/i]


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