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    Future Features For Monarch

    Gareth Horton

      Hi All


      Use this thread to post any enhancements or new features you would like in future versions of Monarch.






        • 1. Future Features For Monarch
          Grant Perkins

          Hmm. No rush of input - does this mean Monarch is almost as complete as we need it to be?


          One question which keeps coming up is about reports in which a template - detail or append type - sometimes have extra lines which have to be captured. Continuation descriptions for example.


          Currently there is a way of dealing with occasional fields but only if the number of lines in the sample data for the template allows the fields to be defined without overlapping what I will call 'regular' fields which are always expected to be present. If a detail line (or lines) always have an extra blank line before the next detail (or other) template then the sample data for a normally 1 line detail template can be set to 2 lines and the possible occasional field(s) can be defined in the spare line. But where no blank line exists this is not a possibility.


          However, if the entire template could have an attribute, similar to the concept of the multi-line fields, to allow it to be set to cover more lines up to a maximum set by the user OR up to the next template found, then a 'virtual sample space' could be used to define other possible fields - perhaps with or without the need for a preceding string.


          The same could be achieved by allowing multiple fields to be overlaid on a single line (providing each had a different preceding string set) but might not be very easy to manage visually.


          In effect, where the number of sample lines which can selected allows it, the existing functionality already allows the number of lines in the template to expand until it encounters the next template. Which is why the vertically floating fields based on the required use of a preceding string works at this time.


          So the change proposed would seem to affect only way the sample size for the template is defined and delimited. (But I may have missed something while thinking that through!)


          I could see some potential here for obviating the need for a preceding string. The fields might simply be defined as 'if line x exists, pick any data that appears at these locations' for example, leaving the preceding string feature to be available as a form of specific selection or filter.


          Does this description make any sense?


          Does the functionality sound desirable?





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          Grant, could you post a sample report which would be drastically eased by this type of functionality when you have a chance?




          (Edit by Grant Perkins)


          Hi Gareth. I will add a few as I come across them  - if I reference examples in the forum at this point will that be OK for now?


          [url="http://mails.datawatch.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=1;t=000986"]Example 1[/url]


          [url="http://mails.datawatch.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=1&t=001109#000000"]Example 2[/url]


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            Glen Nickerson

            A couple of items that would make the job easier...


            I would like to be able to create and/or edit filters without the filter being applied to the table. In many cases I create filters to perform specific reporting on the Summary Page or that are used in Exporting data. If the report file is small, the time wasted while the system rebuilds the table and internal summary tables is not bad but with large reports, this can be a real productivity drain.


            Second, I would like to be able to establish an Export Field List which could be stored in the Project File and work similar to the Filed List used with Template or Table Properties display.  This would give me the flexibility of opening a project one time and being able to export multiple versions of a table without the need of changing the table display prior to each export or using multiple model and project files.




            Monarch Pro V8.01



            From Gareth:


            Thanks Nick, the first one has already been requested in the past.  The second one is going to be in Data Pump, as you have a mapping option, where you can choose the fields for Export.  I am not sure if we will have this in Monarch as yet.




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              RalphB _

              When importing a spreadsheet or a database that has information in one row of one column that relates to other rows and columns, be able to fill that info down to the next data or to the end of the column.  In other words be able to "Fill empty cells with value from previous record" like you can if it was a text file but with a spreadsheet or database.


              Duly noted Ralph - thanks for the feedback.




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                Dottie Davis

                You keep staying ahead of me in thinking of improvements, but here's one, based on a work-around I use frequently.

                I need to use the Summary results in my Table view, and currently must take the Summary elsewhere (Excel or Access) and link to it, or paste into Excel, then copy back to a Lookup table.

                Your excellent product has been essential to my job for about ten years now - thank-you!




                Thanks for the feedback.  Could you give me a bit more information on WHY you need the summary information in the table window?  Is it perhaps calculations you need to do that are not available in summary?


                Thanks in advance





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                  Nigel Winton


                  I would like to be able to select some of the Project Exports, not all and run them. Possibly using the CTRL key when selecting. There are exports I run weekly and some only monthly from the same project, and this would help speed things up.







                  That makes sense, I'll add it to the list.






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                    frugalman _

                    Hi, I am a new V8 user, under a week, just had my company buy 3 more licenses for various information seekers.

                    I know that your charting is done by "external software" not written by Monarch, and it is very good, but:

                    1.  I would love to be able to push a button to print ALL the charts from my summary all at once.

                    2.  I would love to be able to "fit to a page" certain charts that are just a bit bigger than one page would allow..

                    Thanks for an unbelievably great product!

                    • 7. Future Features For Monarch
                      Ed S

                      I'll agree with #590.


                      Having better control on exporting a summary.

                      Selecting more than one at the same time, but not all.

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                        Bruce _

                        Here are my 2 cents worth of suggestions...


                        I use the summaries quite a bit, and would like to see a bit more control on the formatting of the sub-totals.


                        First the  ability to format an entire row with one dialog box. I have summaries that are 20 columns across, this would be a big time saver. In a similar fashion to Excel, select a bunch of cells & apply the formatting to all of them at the same time.


                        Also the ability to format sub-totals differently from the sub-sub-totals would be nice to have.


                        On the report window the "push left" & "push right" buttons, could they be applied just to one cell at a time and not the entire row? Some of the reports I see, only a field or two has changed, not the entire row.




                        Bruce: What exactly do you mean by sub-sub-totals, could you give me an example?






                        Hi Gareth


                        I have several reports that have many key fields. I would like to visually seperate the sub-totals from the sub-sub-totals in the report.


                        For instance I have a report were the key fields are item group, item type and then item. I have about 20 measurements like gross sales, returns, % margin, etc etc accross the page. I would like to have the sub-total (group level) of the measurement row coloured differently from the sub-subtotals (type level).


                        If my attempt to explain this has failed, I can drop you an email with a actual project & the final Excel file.





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                          Nigel Winton


                          Been thinking again, I know it's dangerous, but is there any way you could email direct from Monarch, much in the same way you can Send from Access in different formats. That would save a lot of time and remove the need to export a spreadsheet and then email it. Be nice if it was tied to the Project Export, then life would be good.




                          Nigel, this functionality is in Data Pump, rather than Monarch on the desktop.





                          Thought you might say that, only problem is our systems would not work well with DataPump and we could not justify the extra expense to convert. But it would still be nice if Monarch could do this, and I am sure there are others out there who think the same way.




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                            Grant Perkins

                            Originally posted by Bruce Reed:

                            On the report window the "push left" & "push right" buttons, could they be applied just to one cell at a time and not the entire row? Some of the reports I see, only a field or two has changed, not the entire row.


                                 smile.gif[/img]  /b[/quote]Hmm, that inspired a thought.


                            If editing a template could it be possible to allow interaction with the Field List screen? And vice versa.


                            I must confess I have not played with the 'jog' buttons so far since I have been in the habit if using the Field List to make small positional changes but I could see some benefit from having this available within the template edit screen as well. Likewise a display of the template definition screen when using the Field List perhaps - the relevant template being displayed of course accoring to which field the cursor was positioned in. Hmm, might be a bit interesting to control the displays!



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                              frugalman _

                              Major suggestion:

                              I would like to be able to copy



                              just the ones i select

                              from one model to another model


                              i know i can duplicate models, but sometimes i just want a short model for different purposes, but want to copy in filters and summaries.


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                                TommyTomaso _

                                I would like to see a word frequency analysis (word or category count, word co-occurrence and record occurrence). Integrated clustering and dendrogram display of keyword co-occurrence.



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                                  Oli _

                                  I'd like to have the opportunity to make further calculation within summary fields within the same model.


                                  It would be great if within the table view there would be the opportunity to make summary calculation over a spercific group. So I would be able to make further calcualtion or if-condition within the same model.


                                  Now I have to use a second model (after having a export of the first model-file).




                                  Oli: What type of summary calculations? As regards summary calculations over a group, would using a filter in a summary not be enough?




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                                    Oli _

                                    The Importing of pfd-files, isn't working very comfortable or exported pdf-files exported over SAP-Export interface isn't working. So I cannot use this Importfunction, without making workloaded pdf-convertings.




                                    Oli: We need a bit more information on what you mean by isn't working.  Do they open in Monarch? Is the data not coming through correctly?


                                    I would be happy to take a look at any PDF files that do not work, send me a Private Message with your e-mail address.




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