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    try to create a top 10 list

    Oli _

      I try toget a list of top 10 clients:


      I have 3 fields:

      - limit (numeric)

      - client-nr (numeric)

      - client-name (character)


      I want to have the 10 highest limits.


      I created a summary window with


      Key field: limit

      Item field: client-name

      Measure field: client-nr (unique value)


      The problem is, that I only like to have only the Top 10 clients. But all the names of the clients are displayed. How can I get only the Top 10 with name and client-nr ?



        • try to create a top 10 list
          Data Kruncher



          I have an alternative to Todd's solution, which may work perfectly well for you by the way, but you'll need a few more steps to make a Top 10 Summary:


          1) In the Table window, create a sort on the limit field. Set it to be descending.


          2) Create a filter; let's call it Top 10 Limits. You can leave the formula blank. Go to the Advanced tab. In Duplicate Handling, select "Don't care about duplicates.". Now set the Row Count Limit to First 10 rows.


          3) In your Summary set the filter to Top 10 Limits, and turn off the total line. Set the limit as the measure field, client-nr as key, client-name as item, and OK all this and view the summary.


          4) Now double click the client-nr, and on the Sorting tab set the Measure to Limit and set it to descending.


          Now you'll have a summary displaying only those 10 records, without an "All Others" row.


          Does this accomplish what you need?



          • try to create a top 10 list
            Oli _

            perfect ! Thank you both. No it works.