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    3 questions: Date Format, Summary, Trap

    sxschech _

      Have 3 questions.

      1. How can I format a date to look like this...


      6/1/2006 ==> Jun-06 Fall


      Fall will be supplied by an if statement to evaluate another field containing either "F" or "S".


      2. I created a summary that is using a sort that is defined with a lookup calculated field.  I want the summary to sort with this field, but not display on the output.  I tried clicking on hide display, but I don't see that option in the summary, even though it is hidden in the table window.


      3. I have a report that contains about 20 pages, it displays the same information in different ways and resets the page number at the end of the section.  Since the basic format is the same, I can't trap on the page number or other unique information on the report, I ended up creating a calculated field using the Page() function and saying > 10. My concern is that if the Earlier pages of the report change and the overall length of the file becomes greater or lesser, I'll miss or gather more information than needed.  Was wondering if there are any tips on how I might trap data without hard coding a page number.  (I suppose without posting the report may be difficult to see or explain).



        • 3 questions: Date Format, Summary, Trap
          Nigel Winton

          Hi There

          Problem 1. You need to use some calculated fields to get to this. Assuming your date field is named 'Datefield'

          First use substr(dtoc(DATEfield),9,2) to get the year as 06. Name this field Year

          Second use Month(DATEfield) to get the month number. Name this monthlu

          Third use the field in a Lookup field to get the month name (Jun). Name this field Month

          Fourth use "-"" " where season is the name of your field to get "Fall" This should give you the field you need. Finally hide all of the other fields you have just made.


          Problem 2. Not possible to hide a field in a summary, but I did get around it by changing the name of the filed in the summary definition to something like a full stop "." and then on the colouring tab making the font and background both white so it does not show. Finally drag the field width so it is a small as possible. You still end up with a column but it looks blank apart from the . in the header.


          Problem 3. Yes it would be much easier to see the report.