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    Adding a model using XP?

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      I have a user that when she applies a model to a report, it throws some temp files, an access database temp file on the desktop. When the report is closed the files go away (sometimes). has anyone had the same problem? I am using 4.04.

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      The report name is SQLADM, and the model name is OLSAccounts.mod


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        • Adding a model using XP?
          Grant Perkins



          It sounds like the user in question has an unusual setting for the Monarch Workpath variable in their registry entries for some reason. May be something else but it would be good to check that first  - and then any other possible links that would reset whatever the Workpath is set to to point to the Desktop.


          I note you are using version 4 and I don't remember whether the help covered this back then - I don't have a V4 disk readily available to check - but there should be something in the Registry related to Monarch "Settings" that will define where the Workpath for temporary activity is defined.