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    command line syntax to open database

    debijo _

      What is the command line syntax to open a database?  I have an excel sheet, I have a model, I saved the project.  Nothing works.  Is there a switch to open database?




      V8.01 Pro

        • command line syntax to open database
          Data Kruncher

          Hi Debi,


          Quoting from the online help:



          Specifies the connection string for the named data source, where name is either maindb (for the main database) or the name of an external lookup. If the "name=" part is omitted then maindb is implied. For example, "/datasource:Lookup2=c:     estMyData.mdb" would set "c:     estMyData.mdb" as the source for the external lookup named "Lookup2", overriding whatever source was specified in the model.


          I haven't tried this myself, and sorry, but I don't have the time right now, so I apologize for the partial solution attempt. Better something than nothing, though, right?


          Let us know if this works for you.



          • command line syntax to open database
            debijo _

            Okay.  I got my project to work.  It helps when the project file exists in the directory my script points to.  LOL  Monarch didn't give an error though, it would just not work.  But it is now, so I'm happy.   smile.gif[/img]   Thanks!