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    Timberline Driver Error

    Cory Collier

      If anyone has a solution to the following, I need an answer ASAP:


      We've upgraded to Timberline 9.2. Now, Monarch bugs out when we pull more than 16376 records from a Timberline Database. Timberline says it's monarchs problem, and monarch says its Timberline (of course, it sounds like politicians). It anyone is having a similiar problem, and / or has found a solution, please let me know. More detailed: There is a Windows C++ Visual Library Error (R6025). Unusual, it the debugger says it's going to send an error report, but it does not. Furthermore, the error report (some text file in C:WinTEMP) never exists! WTF?

        • Timberline Driver Error
          Grant Perkins



          Sorry, I know nothing about Timberline or your specific problem. However the number of records returned does seem odd and sort of suggests checking if that number is always consistent or can be variable.


          Does everything work OK if fewer records are retrieved?


          If you retrieve fewer fields from the database does the record count increase before the failure occurs?


          How are you connecting to the Timberline database?


          There may be other information that could suggest ideas for approaches to the problem but this is all I can think of to ask to start with.