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    Adding a Header to a HTML Export

    Gary Wilhelm

      I have created a Summary template, that I am exporting into an HTML Format. I would like to have a page header on the HTML file that I have exported. For example the current report has:


      Description     Qty      Cost

      Test 1           10      200.00


      I would like the report to look like:


               Company Name

               Monthly Summary


      Description     Qty      Cost

      Test 1           10      200.00


      Any suggestions would be appreciated,


        • Adding a Header to a HTML Export
          Mike Urbonas

          Gary, it sounds like you want a custom (different) header for each summary (a different summary for each company name).  This is currently not possible as a direct Monarch export to HTML. 


          The silver lining is if you Export All Summaries in Monarch as HTML files, the name of each file created will be the Summary Name.  So, one possible option is to name each of your summaries as the company name followed by "Monthly Summary" and at least the desired report header will appear as the Window Name.


          If that is not acceptable, Monarch V7 does let you print summaries with a customized page header for each summary.  Specifically, you can specify that Monarch displays each Summary Name (again, I recommend you name each summary after the company name for that summary) followed by "Monthly Summary", etc.  Then instead of printing to an actual printer, you can print to a generic print file (should be a Print to File checkbox).  Ask IT for help on this if necessary, it should be no problem for them to set up.


          You will then get a series of plain text files which will contain the header you want, and will be readable using a web browser, but no HTML formatting.


          I hope these ideas at least help you towards a workable result.




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