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    Monarch Model V2 to V7

    leo _

      Recently upgraded V2 to V7 Standard. I have an MS Access Project in Windows NT that uses Monarch V2 to read employee.txt using a customized model for output to .dbf. Works well.


      We are migrating to Windows XP hence the upgrade to V7. However in V7, when I tried to open the same employee.txt, no data is read or extracted.   :confused:    :confused: 


      What should I do in V7 to use the same report & model that works in V2. Can I not use the same model created in V2?


      Appreciate your help....


        • Monarch Model V2 to V7
          Steve Caiels

          Hi Leo,


          Version 7 is the first version not to support V2 DOS models.  I don't know if this is also true of V2 Windows, but I'd be happy to run your model through V6 and re-save it.  This solution works for converting V2 DOS models for V7 use.  Send me a private message if you like and I'll take a look.  I shouldn't need the report.  Just the model.