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    Monarch missing / skipping 60 out of 340 records [V7 Multi-Column Region Bug--Fixed]

    Maxer _

      I have Monarch setup to read in a report.


      The report has 2 columns and I have Monarch setup to handle that.


      Now the report has 340 records, but when I look at what Monarch extracted it is 60 shy.


      I go back into the report and ALL of the fields are highlighted that should be.


      However, if I go towards the bottom of the report I find that if I search for information from the last page of the report, column 2 it is NOT in the data that Monarch extracted in the table view.


      The odd thing that I can't figure out is that the information that is missing IS highlighted in gray for the selection view.


      I'm very confused by this...



      Phone          |  Phone

      555-555-5555   |  555-555-4444


      So column 1 and 2 everything is captured in most cases, but towards the end Column2 is not is not in the extracted table, but it IS still highlighted.


      Not sure if I'm making any sense, but has anyone seen that sort of thing before?


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