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    xprj and xmod

    Andrea _

      Hi all,


      this may be a quite stupid question so please deal with me   smile.gif[/img]  


      I can't find a way to save in monarch 8 my prj and mod files with their usual extension instead of xprj and xmod. I mate a .bat file that used monarch 7 to export all the reports in a project file but today I had to change part of the prj and mod with monarch 8 and I was forced to save the files with xprj and xmod extensions, now the .bat doesn't work anymore. Did command lines change as well from 7 to 8 ? It shouldn't be a question of changing the file names in the .bat since I did it.


      Again, deal with me and forgive my confusion.





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          Grant Perkins



          Just to add to Todd's advice ...


          If all of your users have Version 7 as a MINIMUM installation you could convert all of the models and projects to xmod and xprj files (check out the Utility Program for that) and then do a onetime change on the .bat files to bring everything up to the same file naming convention.


          (Remembering of course that Version 7 users will not be able to benefit from any new features within Monarch version 8 - so be careful if and when modifying models to be given back to V7 users!)


          I would imagine that would still leave you with some decisions to make about maintaining 2 versions of .bat files with different command details for some functions but it would probably be a well controlled way to go forward compared to making changes as the users hit problems.


          Of course there may be other things you have to deal with that mean this approach is not possible.


          I hope this idea helps.



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            Andrea _

            Thank you very much guys, I appreciated your suggestions and managed to work out a solution.





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              Nick Osdale-Popa

              Alternatively, using automation, you can query the version of Monarch and adjust which model to use accordingly.