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    Monarch via Java COM

    ScottD _

      Has anyone in this forum had any luck in creating a Java client to call the Monarch.exe via COM and then executing the ExportTable method? I am trying to use Monarch for just a file conversion.


      I am using an open source library called JACOB to make the COM call and have no trouble in instantiating the Monarch32 COM object.


      I first run into trouble when I call the "SetProjectFile" method as you can see in the Monarch log file here:



      Session started:   Monday, January 02, 2006 17:30

      Cannot open external database Text; - cppdwn#txt.

      Set project file: C:MonarchTestCertified-GBS2.xprj



      This is with Monarch 8.01.


      I can use the project and mod files successfully if I open the project file in Monarch and it also works from the command line.


      Thanks for your help.


        • Monarch via Java COM
          ScottD _

          As a follow-up to this question let me also say that I have tried the same calls to the Monarch32 COM object via IBM Java COM bridge (Bridge2Java) and have received the exact same error when attempting to open a project file.


          I was hoping that I might be missing a simple step but I suspect that using a Java client is just not possible at this time.

          • Monarch via Java COM
            David Shepard

            Could the new Version 9.0 allow for better calls to Monarch from a Java app?