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    Compatibility between Monarch versions?

    Becky _

      We have several Monarch users at our Company, and basically everyone is using version 5.01.


      I recently upgraded to Pro 8.0 and love all the new features, including the PDF conversions.


      My problem is that we have a common network directory to "share" both Model and Project files.  The new 8.0 version can apparently use the old Models/Projects, but it saves anything new with a .xmod and .xprj extension -- apparently they are not compatible with the lower versions.


      In the past, we each had to purchase our own software copy -- at that time there was not really a "network version" available.  Does Monarch have a "network" version so we can all work off the same software copy?  That way we would all be consistent on what version we're using.

        • Compatibility between Monarch versions?
          Grant Perkins



          There are a lot of people on the forum using Monarch as a network version implementation (although some still seem to have different versions avaialble to them!)


          The question of whether to run as a network installation or using separate individual licences is really one related to costs (and, internally, how budgets are managed!) and computer systems administration requirements.


          Any mix is possible as far as I know.