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    Exporting Summary Fields

    Scott Blaylock

      I have a summary built with one field displaying across and all other data is listed down.


      A summary field is created for each "row" which is displayed to the right of the across columns that were created (like a crosstab query in Access).


      I'm wanting to export this data to Access, but it doesn't retain the summary column?


      Is it possible to retain this column during the export?

        • Exporting Summary Fields
          Dee Moore

          Hi Scott,


          Apparently the MS Access Jet is not formatting, or should I say recognizing, this field.


          I do have a work around for you.....


          Export to Excel, create a new database file in Access and Import the Excel data.


          It may seem a bit cunbersome, but it works.


          I'm sure this will be looked at.


          Dee Moore

          DWCH Tech Support