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    Parsing Outlook msg files

    whitesix _

      I have Monarch 6.01 that I use for pretty basic spool file parsing. A need came up for me to try to parse data from the body of emails that I receive in my Outlook inbox. Can I use Monarch to do this, and if so, is there a preferred method? i.e. should I first save the msg to some format, such as csv?


      I noticed that when I save to a csv, the body section is huge, with numerous tab characters, etc., so I figured I might have to prepare the files first somehow.


        • Parsing Outlook msg files
          Mike Urbonas

          I suggest simply saving the messages as plain text.


          Extracting data from e-mail generated by a sumbmission of information through a webpage form is generally very easy, as the email your webpage automatically sends you has a standard format, something like this:


          [font="courier"]The following information has been submitted

          via the Send Me More Info webpage:


          First Name:   Joe

          Last Name:    Classclown

          Company:      Joe's Hilarious Joke Shops, Ltd.

          Email:        joe@icantstoplaughing.com[/email]

          Phone Number: 555-555-9988[/font][/quote]Now working with free text emails is trickier, but definitely doable.  It depends on what you are trying to accomplish.  Please post a little more on about led you to require parsing data our of your emails.  Thanks, look forward to hearing more.




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          • Parsing Outlook msg files
            baghu _



            I'm using Monarch 8.0 pro and I've the following issue.


            We have a standard email message which needs to sent to multiple users on a daily basis. In the message I need to change two fields viz name and a record number.


            Please find the below message for your reference.


            Dear Tom,


            Please find the attached document.


            Your record number 12345 is updated and this for your information.





            The above email can be sent to Mr. Thomas as follows.


            Dear Thomas,


            Please find the attached document.


            Your record number 45678 is updated and this for your information.





            The requirement is I need to integrate my excel sheet which is having the name and number and the text file which is having the email message and need to create summary reports for each new email message.


            Once this is being done, I would like to use my outlook to process each emails.


            Please help me.




              • Parsing Outlook msg files
                Grant Perkins



                My first reaction to this would be to suggest looking at Data Pump for such a regular distribution, especially if your distribution list is quite long.


                My second reaction is that the title of this old thread does not really seem to describe what you are asking about and so may not attract the best responses. It may be better to start a new thread.


                I will leave it to others with a more extensive experience of embedding Monarch in programs used for other applications to discuss your coding options.


                Sound like an interesting project whichever way you approach it.


                Good luck with it.